Out of Body Experience

Begin personal log, Sunday June 13th, 112.

A video feed begins rather abruptly. The view appears to be of a darkened hangar or cargo hold with the camera drone sitting on a table directly infront of a large glass tank filled with green fluid. It's possible to make out the remains of what presumably used to be a human through the murky fluid, however actually calling it 'human' at this point would be a misnomer. It's a mess of charred and ruptured flesh, undoubtably the result of what happens when a capsule is breached by heavy firepower and the occupant is exposed to vacuum. Kimochi is off-camera when she speaks but judging from the sound of her voice she must be sitting right next to the drone.

So, I found it.

Or more specifically Morwen found it. Then she, Kyoko and I raided the station where it was being held and Vince went onboard to actually retrieve it. I need to talk to Verone and get this thing looked at by Dr. Einmoch to see if he can get any useable samples from it...

Like with anything to do with this operation, I'm not getting my hopes up. But it's really hard not to feel as though I'm finally getting somewhere! Finding this was a huge stroke of luck and it makes me feel like there might actually be an end in sight... But like I said. Trying not to get my hopes up just incase.

I spoke to Celes Tenebrae again... Apparently she's come accross something similar to my ailment before and she thinks that even if we manage to grow new clones using a tissue sample from this thing it might come back. She expressed an interest in getting ahold of a sample of it at some point.

There is a short pause as Kimochi presumably just stares at the corpse for a moment, seemingly lost in her own thoughts.

It's a strange feeling, looking at a dead copy of yourself. Even stranger when you realize that the dead body was the one you were born with and nurtured in. It's like... I don't know, a dream or something. It's just weird to think that this corpse, this... lump of biomatter, used to contain my soul - assuming such a thing even exists.

Shit, I need to learn how to not be so damn sentimental.

End log.

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